Family Stories


Matthew’s Story

James Hopkins came into our lives when in all honesty our lives were in total chaos, the world was in chaos, Matthew had spent pretty much most of his life at that point in hospital with his feeding tubes, constant infections and us all trying to get a little boy...

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James Hopkins Trust Frankie

Frankie’s Story

Frankie has been attending James Hopkins trust for over 2 years now, I was a super anxious mum, I had been thrown into a scary world and felt alone, with Frankie being born at the beginning of the pandemic, looking for support seemed impossible. His health visitor...

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Tommy’s Story

Tommy has been with JHT since he was diagnosed at 9 months. He is now 5. This year Tommy graduated from his little Kites sessions as he was starting his next chapter at 'big boy school'. I was distraught. After so many years of Tommy AND I being wrapped in love and...

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