Gloucestershire Lottery

Gloucestershire Lottery is our weekly lottery draw, a fun and exciting way to support James Hopkins Trust with the opportunity to win cash prizes!

We have all daydreamed about how we’d spend a lucky windfall or how we could treat our loved ones with some extra cash. For James Hopkins Trust children and their families, the most valuable thing we can give is care.

Our Lottery is one of the simplest and sustainable ways you can support James Hopkins Trust. Collectively, our members make a huge difference, because the money raised by our lottery provides vital regular income that helps us to reach more children and families.

How can I play?

Download and fill in the entry form, sign it and post it to us.

How much does it cost?

Each ticket costs £1 a week

How will I know if I have won?

The winner is publicised here on our website

Do I have to claim?

No, we will contact you if you win using the details you provided

How is the draw done?

You will be allocated a unique 6 figure number which is put on a special computer database with all the other entries. Every Thursday the computer initiates it’s random selection programme and picks that week’s winners

How quickly do I get the money should I win?

Immediately! If you have chosen to be paid by BACs we will transfer the winnings directly to you as soon as the draw is completed, alternatively, a cheque is written in the Lottery office as soon as the draw is done and will be posted out to you.

How can I pay?

You have various payment options, you can pay by cheque every three, six or 12 months. We will send you a reminder letter when your membership is about to expire.

Or you can pay by standing order every month, three months, six months or yearly.

From as a little as £1 week, you have the chance to win £100 or £50 every week. Just fill in the form with your preferred payment method (cheques to be made out to Gloucestershire Lottery) and return the form to our office at Kites Corner.

Good Luck!

This Weeks Lottery Winners

Mr & Mrs McLellan



Mrs V A Webley



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