Matthew’s Story

James Hopkins came into our lives when in all honesty our lives were in total chaos, the world was in chaos, Matthew had spent pretty much most of his life at that point in hospital with his feeding tubes, constant infections and us all trying to get a little boy to grow. We were all just exhausted, we had lost friends and family because of Matthew’s diagnosis and were feeling on our own without support… until we found little Kites.

Finally, we felt we had a family (and it is a family) of people that care, support and understand what life is like with a child with complex needs. James Hopkins Trust is somewhere he can go where he is accepted for who he is within a safe environment to play. Sometimes I have arrived in tears, I am welcomed with a hug and a cuppa. There are many, many hospital stays with Matthew, JHT always check in with us; they really care for us, offering an ear, a hug, even respite in the hospital so I can leave Matthew for an hour to catch up with washing and spend time with my other children.

Matthew absolutely loves his time at James Hopkins Trust although he cannot talk, we turn up the drive and he is flapping away smiling to himself getting all excited as we pull up to park.

Matthew has made friends and totally loves sleepovers (and so does mummy knowing he is safe and well looked after). I can spend quality mummy time with his brothers without me constantly watching Matthew; we always plan something special for this time, things we cannot always do with Matthew but most importantly we do not feel guilty because we know Matthew is equally having an amazing time.

I do not know where our life would be without the dedication, support and love that the team at James Hopkins have given us.

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