Providing Nursing Respite Care For Gloucestershire’s Life-Limited & Life-Threatened Young Children 

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Our Vision

Every young child living in Gloucestershire who is severely disabled, life-limited or life- threatened will have access to specialist respite care and support to help enrich their lives and the lives of their families.

James Hopkins Trust believe that every child deserves to experience joy, laughter and love, regardless of their complex medical needs, diagnosis or condition. For over 30 years, we have been dedicated to providing unwavering support to children in Gloucestershire who are life-limited or life-threatened, empowering them to live life to the fullest.

Our mission is simple: to provide family-centered care and support adapted to the children’s individual needs, either at Kites Corner or in the home.

We understand the strain and struggle that can come with caring for a severely disabled child. Without support, many parents find it hard to find any form of respite, as they can struggle to leave the house because of the severity of the child’s disability. Under such pressures, families can fall apart, and that is why we are here, to provide them with the support both the family and their child deserves.

Who We Are

The James Hopkins Trust is a registered charity, established in 1989. Our journey began with a single vision – to make a positive impact on the lives of children who face severe health challenges. Over the years, we have grown and evolved, but our commitment to the children and families we serve remains unwavering.

Our free nursing led respite care for your child can be received in your own home, or at our purpose-built respite centre, Kites Corner in Gloucester, where we offer a variety of activities for children to enjoy. We provide specialist care for babies and children up to the age of 6 who have life limiting or life-threatening conditions whilst also supporting their families.

We currently support over 100 families in Gloucestershire. Since 1989, James Hopkins Trust has helped well over 600 children and their families in every corner of Gloucestershire. James Hopkins Trust is here to create very special, lasting memories.

“The children are at the heart of everything we do”

James Hopkins Trust Who We Are

What We Do


Respite Care

We understand that caring for a child with a serious illness can be physically and emotionally demanding. That’s why we offer respite care, providing parents and caregivers with essential breaks while ensuring the children receive expert, personalised care in a safe, comforting environment.


Play and Recreation

Play is an essential part of childhood and every child deserves the chance to have fun and create lasting memories. We provide exciting play and recreational activities that allow the children to explore, learn and socialise while experiencing the joys of childhood.

James Hopkins Trust Family Support

Family Support

Families play a vital role in a child’s life and we understand the challenges they face. We offer ongoing emotional and practical support to parents and siblings, providing a network of care and understanding.

Our Story

Here is our Video Story, where you can find out all about our services and key messages.

Family Stories


Matthew’s Story

James Hopkins came into our lives when in all honesty our lives were in total chaos, the world was in chaos, Matthew had spent pretty much most of his life at that point in hospital with his feeding tubes, constant infections and us all trying to get a little boy...

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James Hopkins Trust Frankie

Frankie’s Story

Frankie has been attending James Hopkins trust for over 2 years now, I was a super anxious mum, I had been thrown into a scary world and felt alone, with Frankie being born at the beginning of the pandemic, looking for support seemed impossible. His health visitor...

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Tommy’s Story

Tommy has been with JHT since he was diagnosed at 9 months. He is now 5. This year Tommy graduated from his little Kites sessions as he was starting his next chapter at 'big boy school'. I was distraught. After so many years of Tommy AND I being wrapped in love and...

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