Malcolm Nelmes – Vice Chairman, Trustee & Treasurer

Malcolm has been a member of the Management Committee and Trustee since James Hopkins Trust began in 1989. He was friends with the co-founders Vance and Heather so was aware of the difficulties families experienced in caring for a severely disabled child. As a result of this Malcolm has worked tirelessly to help the Charity achieve its goals. Malcolm ran his own business until he retired.


Thomas Stucken – Chairman & Trustee

Thomas and his wife Lynne experienced the support James Hopkins Trust could provide first hand with their son Max. After Max passed away in 2000 Thomas was keen to support James Hopkins Trust and ensure other families were able to benefit from the support he had experienced. Thomas is a successful local business owner who provides guidance and advice on our marketing and fundraising strategies.

Adrian F

Adrian Fletcher – Trustee

Adrian has been a Trustee since the James Hopkins Trust began in 1989, he is a Solicitor at Iacopi Palmer Solicitors and volunteers his time to advise us on James Hopkins Trust’s legal matters. Adrian has extensive knowledge of the local area and community and this is used to support James Hopkins Trust.

Liz C

Liz Cartmel – Management Committee Member

Liz is a retired teacher and has also been with James Hopkins Trust since the beginning. Liz has considerable knowledge of the local communities in Gloucestershire and this is used to ensure James Hopkins Trust are always represented well and has ensured our volunteers and events are well supported.


Dr Ewoud Vorstman – Management Committee Member – MRCP Paeds UK State Med Exam

Dr Vorstman is a consultant Paediatrician and Speciality Director who works at Gloucestershire NHS Trust. Dr Vorstman’s patients are mainly paediatric affected by Neuro-Disability who come under community services. Dr Vorstman’s extensive knowledge and experience allows him to advise us on clinical governance matters and offer a medical opinion when needed to ensure we are providing consistent quality to the families we support.


Jen David – Management Committee Member – RN (child), RN (adult), DIP Advanced Nursing (Msc Level), N.N.E.B.

Jen is a qualified paediatric nurse, has her own training company as well as being an expert witness for medical negligence cases. Jen initially joined James Hopkins Trust as a nurse, when her son Archie was born prematurely she personally experienced first-hand the care and support a family receives from James Hopkins Trust when their child has complex nursing needs. Wanting to support James Hopkins Trust, Jen joined the Management Committee. Jen is also Director of Nursing and offers guidance to the nursing team to ensure they have the training and support they need to care for all babies and children safely.

Jo P

Jo Page – Secretary & Trust Manager

Jo is Trust Secretary along with being Trust Manager. Jo’s focus is primarily on financial management along with the sustainability of the Trust through regulation, compliance issues, human resources, policies & procedures and grant writing as well as supporting the Trustees, Management Committee and Nursing Directors.