There are various ways we can offer respite care


One to one respite care involves one of our Registered nurses being allocated to provide respite care to an individual child usually on a weekly basis. This will be between 4 -6 hours depending on the severity of need. The nurse will do an initial visit to get to know your child and family and complete a care plan. Over time, the nurse will get to know your child and the family very well and will provide respite at home or when the family is ready, in our beautiful respite centre where the children can make use of all our sensory equipment and rooms. One to one respite care will usually be between Monday and Friday 0900 -1630 as this is when the respite centre is open. However this can be discussed and a time arranged that is mutually convenient to the individual nurse and family

One to one respite generally finishes once your child reaches school age. All the children have an annual review to assess the child’s progress.


Little Kites Respite sessions run on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, at Kites Corner. Your child will be offered one of these days weekly, the sessions run between 9.00am & 3.00pm, you will be given an allocated slot for drop off and pick up. Little Kites respite sessions do not run during holiday club weeks.  We will ensure that you have advance notice of any holiday club closure dates.

Little Kites Respite is run by our registered nurses, health care assistants & our play leader.  Your child will get the opportunity to take part in lots of activities & to spend time in our sensory room, soft play room & sensory garden.

Little Kites Respite finishes when a child reaches school age.  All the children have an annual review to assess the child’s progress.


In conjunction with any weekly respite hours allocated, all children who are assessed as eligible for respite from the James Hopkins Trust are also eligible for overnight respite at Kites Corner.

Our extension was opened in May 2015. We can now accommodate 4 children overnight. We are open for two nights a week. This is a combination of Thursday and Friday night or Friday and Saturday night.

Overnight respite sessions will be discussed during the primary assessment. Our overnight respite is for a full 24 hours.  Some children have one night but many have two together. You can take up the offer of overnight respite at any time.  The children are allocated nights on a rota basis and at present will generally be given a night every 4-8 weeks.  If you would like a particular night, for example, for an anniversary or birthday, please let us know as soon as possible & we will do our best to arrange this for you.


Holiday respite sessions are for school age children up to their 12th birthday, who have previously received respite from the Trust.

We run Holiday respite sessions between 9.00am & 3.00pm, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, at Kites Corner, in most school holidays except for the Christmas break.  You will be provided with an allocated slot for drop off and pick up.

We offer places on a rota system, unfortunately due to numbers we are not able to offer every child a place during all the school holidays. We endeavour to offer a minimum of one session per child during the year.

Our play leader organises lots of activities for the Holiday Clubs & all your child’s needs will be met by our nursing team.