We use a combination of light, sound, touch and smell, both in Kites Corner and the family home (where possible) to provide a sensory experience as therapy for stimulation and /or relaxation purposes. The service is available to babies and children. Family members, in particular siblings, also use our specialist spaces to relax and recharge

How does this work?
We have a special multi-sensory room which features a range of varied optical, acoustic and tactile toys including:
* Colour bubble tubes
* Flexible coloured fibre optics
* Music equipment adaptable for all ages
* UV Lighting
* Colours – using the effects on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being
* Projection equipment

The Multi-sensory room and toys are used by each child with family & care staff to create a suitable multi-sensory experience by either stimulating or relaxing a child, depending on their need. We also have a range of multisensory toys and aids that can be used in a family home.