Zach JHT30/30

  • By JHT


James Hopkins Trust have been part of mine and Rich’s lives for the last 6 years, since our son Zach was 16 weeks old. Zach was affected by oxygen starvation when he was born. This has left him with severe cerebral palsy. He is unable to move any part of his body and he has breathing difficulties. He needs to be suctioned frequently as he is unable to clear his airways by himself and we have to care for all his needs.
Zach was 5 months old when we got married. We so desperately wanted Zach to share our special day. Unfortunately Zach became very ill with a serious chest infection and was admitted to hospital a few weeks prior to our wedding day. He became very life threatened and was put onto a machine to help him breathe. The chances of him coming to our wedding seemed to be very slim. Our respite nurse Jane had only known us for a few weeks but she knew how important it was for us to have Zach with us for our special day.

As the day of the wedding arrived it was still uncertain as to whether Zach would be able to attend. His oxygen levels had dropped and the consultant felt leaving the hospital without full nursing support wasn’t an option. We began to accept the fact that our beautiful little boy wouldn’t be in our wedding photos and our special day wouldn’t be quite so special.
Jane, our respite nurse of only a few weeks, had other ideas. She was determined to overcome every obstacle that had been put in our way to ensure our family was together on such a momentous occasion. With an extra James Hopkins Trust nurse and all the necessary medical equipment in tow she was adamant that Zach would get to the church on time!
There are no words to describe Rich’s feelings as Jane and Alison arrived and handed Zach to him or indeed my feelings as I walked down the aisle to see the two most important men in my life waiting for me. Jane had ensured that our day was perfect.

As we look back at the photographs and see our little boy looking up at us we know that our memories of that day will stay with us forever no matter what the future holds. James Hopkins Trust are an amazing charity and we love everyone there to pieces. The help support, love and friendship they have shown us over the last 6 years is more than we could ever have expected. There will never be the right words to express our gratitude and thanks for everything they have done for us.

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