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  • By JHT

Thank you so to Punchline for doing a write up about James Hopkins Trust reopening for nursing respite care for life limited and life threatened young children in Gloucestershire.

Children’s charity up and running again

A Gloucestershire charity offering respite care for disabled children has opened its doors for the first time in 17 weeks.

James Hopkins Trust staff were delighted to welcome children back to Kites Corner in Barnwood on Monday.

Putting all but three of the charity’s staff on furlough ensured its survival, but income from fundraising has fallen dramatically in recent months and the James Hopkins Trust has increased costs from paying for extra staff and PPE. The nursing ratio is now two nurses to one child to allow for effective infection control measures.

Ria Heap from the charity said: “This will ensure that a child is at no risk of cross contamination with a nurse caring for another child. The children have all been shielding and we need to reduce the potential of cross contamination within their social bubble.

“It has taken a huge amount of preparation to get to this stage where we can now safely provide our services. There has had to be changes to the number of children we can have at one time at Kites Corner and the entire centre has been strategically mapped out to ensure social distancing and safety for all.

“But we are back, and we are euphoric!”

To keep the children safe, the centre remains closed to visitors.

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