Music JHT30/30

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Music plays a very important part in the play sessions here at Kites Corner. Many of our children show an affinity to musical sounds and vibrations, reacting and moving in ways that they do not otherwise demonstrate.
We use music in many different ways. Our sensory room has a beanbag which can be programmed to vibrate to the musical beat so a child can literally feel the music even if they cannot hear it. We also have lights which change colour to the rhythm of the music as if they are dancing.
Gary Quinn, Reaching Thru Music, is a frequent visitor to Kites Corner and is loved by the children and staff alike. He sings and plays his guitar to small groups with amazing reactions from the children ranging from simple eye movements to smiles, laughter and outbursts of singing. Gary has an amazing affinity with the children and is able to connect with them through his music.
Drums, a xylophone and chime bars can be found in our sensory garden so the children are able to access music outdoors. The sounds of these can be heard carried on the breeze around the garden and throughout the building offering a welcoming distraction to the normal working day.

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