Messy Play JHT 30/30

  • By JHT


One of the most popular activities at Kites Corner is the messy play. We have a wonderful art room which is especially for that purpose. When people think of messy play they tend to think of painting and play doh. Here at Kites Corner messy play is so much more. It can include playing with gloop (a mixture of cornflour and water, if you’ve never tried it give it a -go it’s amazing!), bubbles, water, painting with golf balls and balloons, model making, cold spaghetti, jelly and foam, to name but a few. All activities are adapted so that every child can participate. Sounds of laughter and squeals of delight fill the corridor when the messy play room is in use. The children are given the chance to express their creative side and, most importantly, have fun!!!!

Messy play is not all about the children. As well as making memories for themselves they also make memories for their families. If you are a parent I’m sure that somewhere in your house you will have a piece of salt dough in the shape of a snowman or a reindeer that you hang on your tree every Christmas or a coaster with your child’s photo on and their first painting. At Kite’s Corner our aim is to give our families those same special memories. The joy we see on parents faces as their child hands them their latest masterpiece is priceless


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