Malcolm Nelmes – Trustee JHT30/30

  • By JHT


Having been a Trustee of James Hopkins Trust for all of its 30 years, I look back in amazement at what has been achieved.
For the first few years, until we moved to a wing of Jordans Brook House, my wife, Pam, ran the Charity office from our home. Our wonderful first nurses were employed through an external nursing bank and some of them are still with us as volunteers. We later formed our own Nursing Bank and Trading Company to maximise funds.

Our huge step forward was to build Kites Corner, where we are now able to provide day and night care in addition to care in the family home, which was our original provision.
It has been a privilege to work with fellow Trustees, Committee Members and a dedicated staff, who all have had a common aim: to help improve the quality of life of families whose children are life limited, life threatened or severely disabled.

The term ‘’Oak trees from little acorns grow’’ fits James Hopkins Trust perfectly; particularly with the strong Forest of Dean roots of our founders: Vance and Heather.


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