Little Kites JHT30/30

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‘Little Kites’ is the name given to a respite session held at Kites Corner for up to 8 children. It is staffed by nurses, HCA’s and a playleader.

Due to their complex or medical needs many of our children find it difficult to access a mainstream nursery or playgroup. Parents’ feedback has shown that they can feel uncomfortable at mainstream settings as their children do not meet their milestones at the same time as their peers and other parents often treat them differently.

James Hopkins Trust recognises the child and not their illness or disability.

Little Kites is all about fun, play and making friends. Cooking, messy play, junk modelling, water play, music, games, sit in cars, the interactive projector and SO many more activities are available. The children also have the luxury of using the soft play room and ball pit, chilling out in the sensory room and playing in the sensory garden.

Every activity is adapted to suit each individual child making it a truly inclusive session.

Feedback is given to the parents about their child and the activities they’ve taken part in and how they’ve been throughout the day. It is important that the parents feel reassured and relaxed enough to enjoy their respite knowing that their child’s needs are being met and they are having a fun filled day.

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