Laura Juggins runs the London Marathon 2019 for James Hopkins Trust

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Congratulations to our friend Laura Juggins who ran the London Marathon 2019 in just under 5 hours raising over £1,400.00 for James Hopkins Trust today.👏👟

This is no mean feat, Laura was involved in a nasty car accident in 2012 and suffered horrific injuries, where she had damage muscles and nerves in her spine. (Below is a copy of Laura’s story from her fundraising page).

Laura was inspired to fundraise for JHT as her cousin Abi used to have nursing respite care from the Trust, and when Laura was a teenager she volunteer here at Kites Corner with the children.

We were so thrilled when Laura and her family came to visit us at James Hopkins Trust Kites Corner, the children really enjoyed playing with her marathon medal.

👏👟 Thank you SO much Laura!! 👏👟









LAURA JUGGINS WRITES  – This is my story… let me take you back, only been married a few months when in February 2012, I was in a car accident. From this I sustained a few different injuries. I had damaged the nerves/muscles in my spine. Damaging the nerves down my right leg. Weeks and months went past. I slowly kept going down hill. I had to see many different doctors, physiotherapists and specialists but nothing seemed to help. I seemed to spiral into a dark place. I was on so many tablets, anti depressants and painkillers. I ended up using a stick and even a wheelchair. At my lowest point I begged doctors to just cut my leg off and even contemplated suicide.

But as my tears fell from my face my husband was always there to catch them. After hitting rock bottom, we went to see a private chiropractor who I had to see three times a week at the beginning. I remember sitting in the waiting room shaking and just wanted to go home. I had seen so many different people who everytime made me worse and just wanted to get a bit of my hope for my old life back. I started seeing my chiropractor slowly less frequently. A few months later I started seeing a psychologist who I also had to see on a regular basis for treatment. I started to deal with the mental side of my injuries. Which brought to light a lot of emotions, terror and anger but through all that self worth, belief and determination. I had some great tips and ways to deal with my depression and major anxiety. I slowly, bit by bit built myself up focusing on my dreams in life. But always having my safe place in my mind to which I could always return to.

I pushed through my fears, pain and worries, I came off my medication and my treatments came to an end. I returned back to work which was a massive milestone for me.

One dream was to have a family and I always wanted to give birth at home in my safe place. Which thankfully I have done with my two children Jensen and Quistis. Watching them grow makes me see how lucky I am. With all that I have been through and achieved I never thought I would get to this place. This is what my dreams were made of, what pushed me on my darkest days.

So with this amazing chapter of being a wife and a mother. Takes me to my next.

A daughter’s first hero is her father. When I was younger my dad ran the London Marathon. I can remember watching the TV trying to find my dad. I can remember him returning home with his medal and feeling amazed.

So this has always been a dream of mine. Since I was a young girl I always said I would do the London Marathon for my cousin Abi, who is disabled and has complex needs.

Since becoming a parent myself I can see even more how amazing not only Abi is but my Auntie and Uncle. With all they have been through and go through. Their strength, determination and love is incredible.

So in March 2018 I started running with them always in my mind. The ballot opened for London Marathon 2019, I decided to apply.

I’ve slowly built up my fitness. Every run thinking of Abi, thinking of my family, my next dream.

So in April 2019 I will be showing my children how you never stop fighting.

I will be raising money for the James Hopkins Trust chosen by my Auntie and Uncle in Abi’s name. Abi herself has used the facilities that James Hopkins Trust provide.

This incredible charity helps babies and children who have a life limiting or life threatening condition while supporting their families. They currently support over 90 children in Gloucestershire. Since 1989 James Hopkins Trust has helped well over 500 children and their families in every corner of Gloucestershire, they give free nursing respite can be night or day in the family home or at their purpose built multi-sensory respite centre and gardens called Kites corner. Where I personally have had the pleasure of Volunteering many times myself.

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