James Hopkins Trust celebrates 30 years

  • By JHT

🧡🧡 Today, 17th September 2019, we celebrate James Hopkins Trust’s thirtieth anniversary on what would be James Hopkins 32nd birthday. 🧡🧡










James Hopkins may have a charity named after him but we wanted to introduce you to the little boy behind the name of the Trust, a little boy who inspired a whole wave of love and 30 years of dedication and support from people throughout Gloucestershire.

What was James like? He was a very sociable little boy who loved people, he thrived on attention and enjoyed the little games people played with him. James’ muscles were so weak that he found even the tiniest movement difficult, yet he would always try to find a way around these problems.

James was very bright and inquisitive, he enjoyed playing his keyboard using the back of his hand. Like all little boys he was never happier than when he was rolling his cars back and forth and he loved putting bricks on top of each other and banging his drum!

All parents are rightly proud when their child meets a developmental milestone and James’ parents were thrilled when James, at around the age of 1, with the aid of a back support managed to sit without help for a couple of minutes! James also, much to the delight of his adoring family, uttered his first words – his favourite was definitely ‘Hiya’!

Dr Stevens was James’ Consultant Paediatrician and he remembers how James was able to reach out to others with the expression in his eyes – and that was certainly true. He was a happy little boy who inspired love in everyone who ever met him.

James’s life may have been short but it certainly wasn’t without a purpose. When he died he left behind him a circle of loving family and friends, inspired not just with the desire to keep his memory alive, but to do the best they could to help other families caring for a life limited, life threatened or severely disabled young child.

And so the James Hopkins Trust became a reality. James would be so happy to know that the Trust, named after him, was helping so many other children who, like him, find the things that most of us take for granted.

🧡🧡 Happy Birthday James 🧡🧡

🧡🧡 Happy Birthday James Hopkins Trust 🧡🧡

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