In Loving Memory of Charlotte JHT 30/30

  • By JHT



Our daughter, Charlotte, was born on January 21st 2011, and was quickly diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, cortical visual impairment and possible epilepsy. Safe to say our whole world had now been turned upside down. Throughout pregnancy all had been normal so all of this had come as a complete shock and it was very hard for us to take it all in.

After many, many hospital visits and various tests we were told to expect the worst and as a family we did not know which way to turn for help. Whilst Charlotte was in hospital we were given a leaflet about the James Hopkins Trust. After reading about the Trust and speaking with our families we decided to get in touch with them. They arranged to come to our house to meet Charlotte and ourselves and this is when we first met one of their lovely team, Carolyn. Within minutes she had made us feel comfortable and helped us to see that there were people who understood what we were going through. Carolyn went through everything the Trust could offer Charlotte and helped us through the referral process. Everything went smoothly and Charlotte was now a part of the James Hopkins Family. Little did we know at this stage just how big a part they would be in our lives.

On Charlotte’s first session we met some of the amazing staff and nurses and Charlotte got to try out the fantastic facilities they have there. Over the coming weeks it got easier for us to be able to leave her, knowing she was being well looked after and all her complex needs were being met through her one-one care with highly qualified nurses. Charlotte went one day a week, which enabled us to have time to ourselves and get things done around the house.

Over the coming years our family grew, with the arrival of twins, and Charlotte then enjoyed her “respite” sessions to get away from the noisy twins at home. Charlotte enjoyed playing outside on the wheelchair roundabout and swings and loved the soft play and sensory rooms indoors. She was also able to have sleepovers at the Trust with her new friends, which she thoroughly enjoyed. This also gave us the chance to spend some time with Charlotte’s siblings

Sarah was one of the nurses who looked after Charlotte a lot and they had a lovely relationship. Charlotte was always so happy to see her. Sarah understood all of Charlottes needs and took the time to find out what things Charlotte enjoyed doing and also what could potentially upset her. Sarah would even come to the house at times to look after Charlotte and they grew very close.

In January 2019, Charlotte became very unwell very quickly and unfortunately passed away the day before her 8th birthday. From that day the people at the Trust have been invaluable to us as a family and have helped us through the worst time as parents that we could ever go through. Charlotte has a stone in the memory garden so she will always be a part of the Trust’s family, as they are now a part of ours. We are still as welcome there now as we were with Charlotte. We cannot thank them enough for what they have done for us.

Charlotte always had a huge smile on her face when she knew that she was going to the Trust and was always happy to see everyone. We don’t know what we would have done if the Trust had not been there for us all. Happy 30th birthday to all connected to James Hopkins Trust and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Stuart, Nicci, Jessica & James Matty

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