Harrison JHT 30/30

  • By JHT


We love the James Hopkins Trust, as a family it has given us so much. When Harrison was born our lives were turned totally upside down. Harrison suffered a brain injury at birth and his outlook was bleak. There was no one in our circle of family and friends who could relate to our situation. In the first couple of years we were in and out of hospital with Harrison. During one of our early stays a nurse signposted us to James Hopkins Trust. We went on a visit and met the team and other parents who we could relate to- it brought us back some normality. I have met some wonderful people and some of my best friends through James Hopkins Trust. It was the first place where I felt comfortable and confident enough to let them care for Harrison with all of his complex health needs. James Hopkins Trust has been wonderful. They are a huge support through this journey we are on and Harrison absolutely loves being at James Hopkins Trust with the fabulous team whom he adores.

written by Harrison’s family.


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