Global Make Some Noise donation

  • By JHT

James Hopkins Trust have been thrilled, privileged and proud to partner with Global’s Make Some Noise campaign. From the moment we spoke to Global Make Some Noise and Gloucestershire Heart FM we have had the excitement of being part of something ‘big’ which is a rare but wonderful feeling for a small charity trying to be heard.

The relationship has meant we have been able to shout loud and proud about our work, reaching many more people than we would ever have been able to do without your involvement! Our families have been delighted to be able to share their experiences on the radio whilst the children have loved visiting Gloucestershire Heart FM’s studios to record their interviews and meet Warren Moore and Pete Wagstaff!

Make Some Noise day was fantastic with plenty of involvement and support from the local community and businesses, to name a few; schools dressed loud and a local pizza company created a James Hopkins Trust desert Pizza to sell!

Warren Moore (Breakfast Show Host for Gloucestershire Heart FM) went above and beyond his involvement with Make Some Noise and donated his time to compere our first charity ball! To be able to have a local household name engage our audience was such a boost and certainly helped our cause. It has been our wish for many years to be able to find a local house hold name to support our charity – Global Make Some Noise made this a reality for us!

Sarah James – Head of Fundraising from James Hopkins Trust recalls the moment she found out how much Global Make Some Noise has raised for James Hopkins Trust:
“James Hopkins Trust were delighted to receive notification that Global Make Some Noise were ready to donate some money to us. I was asked to go along to Gloucestershire Heart FM’s studio to receive the money and do an interview. I turned up nervous yet excited to find out how well the Global Make Some Noise appeal had done.

The Gloucestershire Heart FM team were as welcoming as always and after a chat on air, it was the big reveal! I was handed an envelope to open…..I was stunned and overjoyed to see we were being given a whopping £23,040.00!! I was over joyed and so excited, this would mean that 16 respite sessions a week had been secured for children in Gloucestershire who were life limited, life threatened or severely disabled for the next six months!! I gave my thank you on air and was then stopped mid flow to be told it was a mistake and they had given me the wrong envelope, I was then handed another envelope.

global_webBy this point I was trying to sound cool on air and unfazed by the dramatic change of circumstances………I opened the envelope and at the same time my legs buckled!!! Global Make Some Noise had been delighted with the generosity of all their listeners and supporters and the total amount raised was higher than they had anticipated. James Hopkins Trust was to get a humungous £46,080.00!!!!!! Global Make Some Noise played a blinder – to shock me with the real total was pure genius!! I pride myself on being a stiff upper lip Brit and nothing fazes me, but they got me that morning!!! I was really was a shaking, lip wobbling, blithering, speechless lump!!!! This would now mean that 16 respite sessions a week had been secured for not six months but the next 12 months!”

The impact this donation will have on us is enormous and makes a tangible difference to the families we support. The emotional impact of learning to look after a child with medical needs is overwhelming, it is a labour of love and the family need to learn complex nursing procedures to enable their children to live at home safely with them. It can be a challenging and exhausting time. The families adore their children and dedicate their life to loving them, nursing them and enriching their lives as much as the children enrich theirs. James Hopkins Trust step in to offer much needed emotional and practical support to help families recharge and learn to love their new normal.

James Hopkins Trust are truly overwhelmed at everyone’s support, kindness and generosity. To help ensure our families get the much needed support they need is just wonderful; we would like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to you all in helping us achieve our dream to provide free respite to young children in Gloucestershire who are life limited, life threatened or severely disabled.