Cooking JHT30/30

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Every child likes to cook and our children are no exception. Kites Corner is often filled with mouth-watering aromas such as freshly baked cakes, newly flipped pancakes or melt in the mouth biscuits. Cooking is a very sociable occasion and a fantastic sensory activity. It’s not only a chance for the children to experience different textures and smells but it also encourages them to interact with their friends. It does, on many occasions, prove to be a very messy activity as the children enjoy exploring the various ingredients before they find their way to the mixing bowl – providing there is any left of course!!!!!

The most rewarding thing about cooking is, as we all know, the finished product. There is always enough made to take home and share with the rest of the family. It is a pleasure to see the pride on the parents faces as their child shows them their handmade delights.

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