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Chris’s Mum writes…

James Hopkins Trust was mentioned to us by our physio when Chris was about 6 months old. At the time we had so many appointments, our heads were spinning, the idea of needing any “help” or accepting anyone else looking after Chris was too much to cope with.

However, when Chris turned 1 we saw a Summer Fete organised and thought we could take this chance to see the Trust in action “anonymously”. Well, so we thought! Within an hour we were talking to parents that I remain friends with to this day, meeting children just like mine and starting to realise what a wonderful place James Hopkins Trust could be for us.

Within a few weeks I was meeting up weekly with these new friends that totally “got it”, all my worries, my tears, fears and questions were shared and life didn’t seem quite so frightening. Our nurse, Laura, soon started coming to our house on a weekly basis which meant I could do the weekly shop, have a bath, meet a friend for a coffee or even just go back to bed for a couple of hours, knowing my boy would be looked after.

This all seems a lifetime ago now he is 14, but I can still remember the feeling of being able to relax when Chris was in the care of James Hopkins Trust. Once he started school our use of JHT changed. Since then they still haven’t been able to get rid of us as he has attended holiday clubs in the school holidays. We are very fortunate that he is now funded to continue using the Trust so we still get our nurse, Becky, four hours a week and Chris attends the centre on a Saturday a couple of times a month. We also get four overnights at the centre a year which we usually use to go out for family occasions that we couldn’t take Chris to.

Our life would simply not be the one we have now without the James Hopkins Trust having such a massive impact on our lives. We will forever be in their debt and will continue to support it in any way we can. Chris will have to leave for good when he turns 16, which I am currently in denial about, but they will not get rid of us Dupree’s that easily!

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