Children’s Hospice Week 17-23 June – LEXIE

  • By JHT

Lexie’s Mummy writes;

“Lexie started coming to the James Hopkins Trust around 3 years ago. We were keen for her to mix with other children, so she went to the centre for a Little Kites session once a week for 4 hours. Knowing she had this time at the centre each week was incredible. At the time this was the only respite that we had and Lexie’s care was intense so just having a few hours to sit and watch TV or go shopping meant the world. It took her a while to finally get used to coming but now she loves it! Sometimes she doesn’t want to be picked up! (haha!) The staff know her so well and because of this, after a year of attending Little Kites, Lexie began having   overnight respite.

Lexie has always been a nightmare at going to bed and staying asleep, meaning sometimes we would only have a few hours of sleep a night. Knowing she will have an overnight stay each month means we actually get to catch up on the sleep that it takes to look after her!

It also means we can do things with Lexie’s older sister, Maisie, which we could not do having Lexie in tow. As a family, we really value this time to spend together     doing such things as going to the cinema!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts


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